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L.a.190: Letter from William Basset, Langley, to Richard Bagot, Blithfield 1594/1595 January 15: autograph manuscript signed

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Collection:Papers of the Bagot family of Blithfield, Staffordshire
Preferred Citation:Letter from William Basset, Langley, to Richard Bagot, Blithfield 1594/1595 January 15: autograph manuscript signed, Papers of the Bagot family of Blithfield, Staffordshire. Transcription by Early Modern Manuscripts Online (EMMO). MS L.a.190, Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC.
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leaf 1 recto

How vncharytably the parson of chedall (good mr Bagott) hathe byne
dealte withall by hys froward neyghbours it seemes well known
vnto so you, so that I need nott any further to enfurme you
herein. butt do hartely entreat that as you have pytyed
his wronngfull vexaciones, in motioninge his ould adversaryes
to an agreement, wherevnto they have assented: so do I trust
that you will beestowe your traveyll vnto bromley on fryday
next to effect a frenshyp betwyxt them, yf otherwyse they
can nott be agreed by their alredy chosen arbytratons, att
which plase you shall have my company to doe my best herein.
So (with most harty comendaciones) I leave you to the almyghty.
langley the xvth of Ianuary // 1594 //

Your very Loving fre[nd]
assurddly to his pow[er]
Wyliam Basset

yf this parsonnes molestaciones weare as thorowly knowne
vnto you as it is vnto myselfe, I am perswaded you
would very greatly pytye his case. So preyinge
I mey be hartely comended vnto good mistres bagott your
bedfellowe, once ageine doe beetake you to the grace
of god././

leaf 1 verso

To the worshypfull my very
good frend Rychard bagott
Esquyer att blyfelde