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X.d.623: Copy of an order from the Privy Council to Sir William Ellis, member of the King's Council at York, 1622 July 15: autograph manuscript signed

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Preferred Citation:Copy of an order from the Privy Council to Sir William Ellis, member of the King's Council at York, 1622 July 15: autograph manuscript signed. Transcription by Early Modern Manuscripts Online (EMMO). MS X.d.623, Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC.
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leaf 1 recto

A lettre to the Lord President and Councell established in
the North Vpon Informacion from divers Mynisters
of that Country as also vpon Complaint made both to his
Maiestie and to vs of his Councell by Iames Nelson Mynister
and Parson of Crofton in that County of Yorke: Wee
haue taken notice of a strainge and disgracefull vsage offered
to this poore Mynister whoe being before yow his Maiesties
Councell at Yorke by occasion of a Suite depending there,
was questioned by Sir William Ellis in the heareing of
the whole Court for wearing the haire of his head some
what longer be hinde then ordinarie, and when the Minister
replied that it was by reason of a greate hurt not longe
before received in his heade from some that sett vppon him
on the high way to the hazard of his life, which appeares to be
true and to haue ben alledged by the Mynister for cause of
his so wearing it, and not that hee had any will to give
ill example by it or tooke any pleasure therein, but only
was forced a while to suffer it for his health sake, yet
Sir William Ellis not regarding either the Mynisters person
his calling or the reason hee alledged presently comaunded
an Officer of the Court to take the Mynister and carrie
him forth to a Barbors Shopp and to see his haire cutt
shorte, and then to bring him backe in to the Court againe,
which had it ben but for the parties health in such a tyme
might haue ben forborne but being don after such a
manner and at such a presence tended not only to the
exceeding reproach, and shame of the man being there made
a publike scorne and laughing stocke to all the Courte
but as it was acted vpon a Mynister was a kinde of dispite
and scandall to Religion. ffor this ill carriage Sir William
Ellis being by his Maiesties speciall command called before
this Boarde, though hee hath acknowledged the ffact, and
confessed the same to be vnadvisedly and inconsiderately
don. Yet for asmuch as the disgrace resteth not only vpon
the person of Nelson, but trencheth to the Scandall of the
Mynistrie, and so requireth a more publicke satisfaccion
Wee haue thought meete to addresse theis our lettres to your llordships &
to signifie vnto yow, that ffirst wee thinke it fitt Sir
William Ellis doe give the Mynister Twenty poundes
for his charges in comeing hither to london, and doe also
hold it

leaf 1 verso || leaf 2 recto

hold it very requisite that at the next generall Sessions to
be holden at Yorke these our lettres be there publickely reade
and that Sir William Ellis doe there at the same tyme
acknowledg this his iniurie to the partie and offence to the
wholl Mynistrie, which wee should not haue holden sufficient
satisfaccion for so fowle an abuse and disgrace, if wee had
not had respect to the quallitie and place Sir William Ellis
holdeth in his Maiesties Service there, and also to his greate age
and infirmities otherwise. And so praying yow to see theis
our direccions duly performed. Wee bid &c/
Signed by the
Lord Archbishop of Canterbury
Lord Keeper Lord Chamberlen
Lord Treasurer Lord viscount ffalkland
Lord President Lord Bishop Winton
Lord Priuy Seale Master Secretary Caluert
Lord Stewarde Master of the Rolles
Sir John Sucklinge./

leaf 2 verso

A Coppy of sir William
Ellis his order made by
the Llordships of his Maiesties priuy
Cownsell, concerning the
the powling of Mr Nelson
15 Iuly 1622