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X.c.24: Letter from Richard Napier, Linford, Buckinghamshire, to unidentified recipient, 1631/1632 January 1: autograph manuscript signed

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Preferred Citation:Letter from Richard Napier, Linford, Buckinghamshire, to unidentified recipient, 1631/1632 January 1: autograph manuscript signed. Transcription by Early Modern Manuscripts Online (EMMO). MS X.c.24, Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC.
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leaf 1 recto

Thrice honored lady. It is not my use, to be
troublesome to my much honoured friends.
but when I am much importuned & that
by mine own minister, of whose learning
& preaching I and my, good neighbors
have had good experience, I am Informed
that the last minister Mr Pon is very lately
departed out of this vale of misery. & by that
means, you are destitute of one that can
supply the place, these are therefore to entreat
this favor at the ladyship's hands
that at my request you will be pleased to
admit of Mr Ruddle my minister
into the vacant place, if you shall find
him better qualified for learning & preaching
then any other that happily may be offered
unto your choice, I do hear that your ladyship
doth affect some other,. but no way comparable
for ought I can understand with Mr Ruddle
as you may easily find, if it shall please
you to make trial of him, I make no
doubt but Mr Ruddle will not only show
himself A serviceable, but also very thankful
to them that shall gratify him in this his suit
thus hoping that your ladyship will vouchsafe
him some favour in this first petition that ever I
motioned to your ladyship, I will cease to be more troublesome
unto you & will ever rest

Your ladyship's ever to be
Richard Napier
Linford January the first

leaf 1 verso