L.e.640: Letter from Susan Bayning, London, to "Sweet Ladye" (Lady Anne Ferrers?), circa 1600 January 10: autograph manuscript signed

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Collection:Papers of the Ferrers Family of Tamworth Castle
Preferred Citation:Letter from Susan Bayning, London, to "Sweet Ladye" (Lady Anne Ferrers?), circa 1600 January 10: autograph manuscript signed, Papers of the Ferrers Family of Tamworth Castle. Transcription by Early Modern Manuscripts Online (EMMO). MS L.e.640, Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC.
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leaf 1 recto

Sweet Ladye I am bould to writt vnto your Ladishippe
theas few wordes Signifiinge vnto yow that I delivered your
Chaine to your Ladiships brother Mr Brodband to send yt to your
Ladishippe which I hope will be to your good Likinge for I
promise yow of my faith I haue bin as Carfull of yt as yf
yt had bain for my self so willinge I am to doe your
Ladishipps service as I ame willinge to haue yt to your Ladiships
good Likinge. The waight of the Chayne ys 15 ownces &
halfe a quarter which Cometh to 41li. 12s. the makinge and
the parle ys - 9li-10s. The whole soome ys 51li-2s.
yt ys mad Iust by the rate of Lady puckringes Chaine
And thus cravinge pardon for my bould writtinge to
your Ladishipp of so small aquaintance I rest willinge
alwais to doe your Ladishipp any service in any thinge your
Ladishippe please to employe me thus with my humble
Commendations to your good Ladishippe not forgettinge my
good dawter fferris I leaue yow to god London this
xth day of Iannary.

Your Ladishipps Lovinge
ffreind to Comand Suzan bayninge

leaf 1 verso