L.d.765: Examination of William Elsey by Nathaniel Bacon, 1612/1613 February 25: manuscript signed with Elsey's mark

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Collection:Papers of the Bacon-Townshend family of Stiffkey, Norfolk
Preferred Citation:Examination of William Elsey by Nathaniel Bacon, 1612/1613 February 25: manuscript signed with Elsey's mark, Papers of the Bacon-Townshend family of Stiffkey, Norfolk. Transcription by Early Modern Manuscripts Online (EMMO). MS L.d.765, Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC.
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leaf 1 recto

The examination of william Elsey taken before Sir
Nathanuel Bacon knight the xxth xxxth
of ffebruarie 1612

He sayeth that vpon Shrovemondaie about nyne or ten of the clock
in the fore noone, he came to holte, and went into Iohn Downinges
house wher he founde him and his wife readie about to goe to di meate,
and they willed him to sit downe and eate with them. And
ther was brought out a goose that was roasted, and cut vp,
and set vpon the boarde, and th w which was eaten by them
by Downinge an and his wife, his two daughters and this

He sayeth that he did se the garbidge of a goose which was then
boyled, standing vpon a boarde by

The marke of {mark} Iohn william Elsey

downinge did deney that ther was anie goose eaten in his house
vpon shrove mondaie.
Nathaniel Bacon

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Elsies Examination against