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L.b.669: Legal opinion of Sir Humphrey Davenport, 1620 June 29: autograph manuscript by Sir George More with autograph reply signed by Davenport

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Collection:Papers of the More family of Loseley Park, Surrey
Preferred Citation:Legal opinion of Sir Humphrey Davenport, 1620 June 29: autograph manuscript by Sir George More with autograph reply signed by Davenport, Papers of the More family of Loseley Park, Surrey. Transcription by Early Modern Manuscripts Online (EMMO). MS L.b.669, Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC.
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leaf 1 recto

A prisoner committed to the towre of London bringeth into
the towre for his vse there, furniture for his lodging, and plate
and howshold stuffe. Then the prisoner is attainted of treason or
fellony. The Lieutenant of the towre claymeth these goods as
belonging to hym by his Office. but doth not seaze them nor
take them away out of the possession of the prisoner, and then the
Lieutenant giveth over his place, the prisoner still continuing
in the towre, and vnder the Custodie of a newe Lieutenant
The question is, whether these goods doe
appertens to the first Lieutenant, and
whether he may take them and seaze them
so long as the prisoner continueth in
the towre and vseth them /.
In my opinion the good{es} Abouementioned do clerlye
belong to the Lieutenant of the towre for the time
being at the time of the Attaindr And not to
the successor. the not seisure of such good{es} by
the sayd former Lieutenant before the departure
of him from his sayd office notwithstanding

Humfray Dauenport
29. Iun. 1620.

leaf 1 verso

29 Iune 1620
Case as to the goods of one
convicted of treson of felony
being in the Tower