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L.b.540: Letter from John Donne, Chelsea, to Sir Henry Wotton, 1625 July 12: autograph manuscript signed

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Collection:Papers of the More family of Loseley Park, Surrey
Preferred Citation:Letter from John Donne, Chelsea, to Sir Henry Wotton, 1625 July 12: autograph manuscript signed, Papers of the More family of Loseley Park, Surrey. Transcription by Early Modern Manuscripts Online (EMMO). MS L.b.540, Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC.
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leaf 1 recto

Thys ys yor Quietus est from me; It ys yor assurance that
I wyll never trouble yw mor, about any place in yor Colledge;
But thys Quietus est must beare date from the end of thys
letter; for in the letter, I must make a suite of that kinde,
to yw: In wch, I know yow wyll giue a good interpretation of myne
ingenuity, that I would not forbear euen the troublinge of yw, when
I had a way presented me, to do any seruice to yt noble family, to
whom I owe, euen my posterity. Sr, At yor last Election, Sr Rob:
More (to whom I haue the honor to be brother in law) had a sonne
elected into yor schoole, and hys place ys not falln, and so or hopes
euacuated, that way. Because yt was my worke at first, I would
faine perfit yt; and I ame in the right way of perfitinge yt, when
I addresse my selfe to yow, who haue a perfit power in the busines,
and haue multiplyed demonstrations of a perfit loue to me. That
wch was then donne, was donne by way of wa gratitude, by Mr wood-
ford, one of the then opposers, to whom I had giuen a Church, be-
longinge to our pauls: And for ye fauor wch yw shall be pleasd to
afford us herin, I offer yow mother and daughters, all ye seruice
that I shall be able to doe, to any servant of yors, in any place, of any
of or Churches. Our most B: savyor, blesse yow wt all hys graces, and
restore us to a confident meetinge in wholesomer places, and direct us all,
by good ways to good ends. Amen.

yor very true frinde and
humble seruant in Chr: Ies:
I: Donne
from Sr Iohn Dauers house at chelsey,
of wos house, and my L: Carlils at Hanworth,
I make up my Tusculan. 12 Iulii. 1625

This Man Dr. Donne Marryd one of Sr George More' daughters against
his concent

leaf 1 verso

leaf 2 recto

leaf 2 verso

To the Honorable kt, and
my most Honored frinde
Sr Henry Wotton pro=
uost of Eaton.