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L.a.593: Letter from Isabel Kynnersley (née Walker), Loxley, to Walter Bagot, Blithfield, 1609 July 27: manuscript signed

Catalog record:
Collection:Papers of the Bagot family of Blithfield, Staffordshire
Preferred Citation:Letter from Isabel Kynnersley (née Walker), Loxley, to Walter Bagot, Blithfield, 1609 July 27: manuscript signed, Papers of the Bagot family of Blithfield, Staffordshire. Transcription by Early Modern Manuscripts Online (EMMO). MS L.a.593, Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC.
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leaf 1 recto

Good Sir having dispensed some part of my mind unto you
at your last being at Loxley I had thought to have said
those things unto you that now I am forc’d to write
upon that instant being then put in danger of my Life
for that she had thought to have thrust me down the
stairs & to have broken my neck had not you have been
so near, which I stand daily in danger of.
These are for God's cause and as ever you loved God or
any good Christian to stand my good friend so much as to
speak for me unto my husband at the sisses, and that then you
my husband and Mr Richard will appoint some time to make
amend of this businesses here at Loxley with ernest expedition
For If great speeches may prevail the truth shall always
be as it is now, drowned in the ocean of oblivion and the certainty
of things never come to light, That my husband and I
may either live as man & wife ought to do or else that he would
show any lawful and Just cause why I should not, (As
I thank God he cannot) but that I may live with him as
man and wife ought to live together, But to live this ungodly
life contrary to all mankind besides it is a great grief to me
and a greater danger to our souls, being that we made
our promises before the most almighty God to the contrary
and for to live this ungodly life it is the greatest grief to
my soul. But God he knows there is no default in me.
If that my Husband will not, that then I may depart in
quietness having so reasonable aportion as I had when
I was at Uttoxeter which was to my grief to repeat both
that & this you partly knowing what a good dowry
he had with me both in Lands and goods.

leaf 1 verso

Let me entreat you not to fail me at the Sisses because of
my wretched estate, I beseech you as I have made myself
bold to trouble you so I pray you that you
will not let this my letter be seen nor that any of this
should come from me, but by word of mouth to you
at your being at Loxley for fear of further blame of
the messenger, For as I am kept as a poor prisoner heere
in my chamber and cannot go abroad so likewise
is expelled all people out of my presence & that it is almost
unpossible for me to get one to write for me but that God
of his great goodness doth raise friends for them that put
their trust in him, or so much as once let me speak with
him: but they straight do make great matters of suspicion
upon it being with out cause atall and as God shall me
save this is true thus in haste I leave you to the tuition
of almighty God Loxley this present 27th day of July 1609

Your loving friend
Isabel Kynnersley

leaf 2 recto

To the worshipful Walter Bagot
Esquire deliver these
at Blithfield

leaf 2 verso

Isabel Kynnersley