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L.a.561: Letter from Alexander King to Richard Bagot, 1592 July 3: autograph manuscript signed

Catalog record:
Collection:Papers of the Bagot family of Blithfield, Staffordshire
Preferred Citation:Letter from Alexander King to Richard Bagot, 1592 July 3: autograph manuscript signed, Papers of the Bagot family of Blithfield, Staffordshire. Transcription by Early Modern Manuscripts Online (EMMO). MS L.a.561, Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC.
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leaf 1 recto

S:r hauing received Comaundement from my Lo: Treasorer and Mr Chauncellor of
Theschequor for the Calling in of all such as are any way indebted to her Ma:tie
wthin my Circuit to thende that her highnes may bee satisfied of such money
as shalbee founde to bee due by them vnto her I thought good to acquaint
you therwth that there being (as you knowe) a reconing to bee yeelded by you
to her Ma:tie for monie received of M:r Ensor for the Iron workes at Broomley
you would either come or sende to her highnes Auditt appointed to bee kepte at
Woluerhampton the xxviiith of October next comming. for the fynishing of
yor Accompte towching the same; Whereof I hartely pray you to bee veary
Carefull: M:r Broughton hathe oftentymes promysed to haue come home to
mee at London to haue ended yor saide Accompte; But hath fayled therein
wch maketh mee the rather at this tyme to put you in mynde thereof
hoping that you will not fayle at Thauditt to finishe the same, in the meane
tyme with my veary harty Commendacons I take my Leave, and Committ
you to the Lorde this thirde of Iuly. 1592.//.
Yor veary Loving ffrend
Alex:r King: Audit

leaf 1 verso

leaf 2 recto

leaf 2 verso

To the Wo: my veary Loving frende
Richard Bagott esquier giue

Mr Auditor lre
Iuly 3d