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L.a.182: Letter from William Bagot, Inner Temple, to Walter Bagot, Blithfield, 1622/1623 February 27: autograph manuscript signed

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Collection:Papers of the Bagot family of Blithfield, Staffordshire
Preferred Citation:Letter from William Bagot, Inner Temple, to Walter Bagot, Blithfield, 1622/1623 February 27: autograph manuscript signed, Papers of the Bagot family of Blithfield, Staffordshire. Transcription by Early Modern Manuscripts Online (EMMO). MS L.a.182, Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC.
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leaf 1 recto

father ) I hear (to my great grief) the sorrowful news of my Sister-in-law's
death, of whence you have a great loss, my Brother a greater, and his children
the greatest of all: yet I doubt not, but you, see, and they, will so conceive of it as
done by the will of God, which mortality is not able to resist, and therefore your
grief may be the less. I thank God, I like my living here very well, but I
fear I shall be very chargeable to you, especially for my diet, which I know
not how to remedy, for our commons ordinarily amount to seven shilling
a week, and at grand weeks, and readings, and other expensive times, to
much more. My three half pieces which Edward Wright left with me, are
almost all disbursed for commons, as will appear unto you, by this note
here enclosed; wherefore I would entreat you to send me up some money
by the next convenient messenger, to discharge the house for my commons
now to come, for though I could be trusted for a quarter of a year together,
yet if money be to be had, it is neither so good husbandry, nor so
much for a mans credit, to be trusted, as to pay at the week, or the
fortnight's end. And so remembering my humble duty to you, with daily
prayers to God for your health; I rest./

Inner Temple this 27th
of February 1622./
Your dutiful and obedient
son William Bagot

leaf 1 verso

leaf 2 recto

A Note of money disbursed
of for commons./
upon Wednesday the 29th of
January I first entered
into commons./
Inprimis for the first half
week 3s 10 0 0
2 being a grand week 11s 6d 0
3 week 7s 0 0 0
4 week 7s 0 0 0
Item for a pair of shoes 2s 8d
Sum 1l 12s 0

leaf 2 verso

To the worshipful his very loving
father, Walter Bagot x
Esquire, at Blithfield
in Staffordshire
these delivered

William Bagot
his father Walter Bagot