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X.c.49 (5): Letter from Stephen Smith, London, to Sir Hugh Smith, Ashton, 1622 June 3: autograph manuscript signed

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Preferred Citation:Letter from Stephen Smith, London, to Sir Hugh Smith, Ashton, 1622 June 3: autograph manuscript signed. Transcription by Early Modern Manuscripts Online (EMMO). MS X.c.49 (5), Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC.
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Noble Sir
I congratulate your safe returne. Mr.
Bettie tells me he hath provided an excellent paire of
garters for you. I haue bespoke your boothose
but cannot be assur'd of them till the weeke's end.
Sir Thomas Terringham will be carefull to
get you a chapman for your horses: and if he
might but knowe who it is that seekes soe much
commaund over you, at your Musters, he wold trie his
power with my Lord Chamberlaine to free you, of that
service. The liuetenants (he tells me) you neede
not care for. the horse belong to the Captaine only.
He desires a word or two in writing of this you desire,
and against whom you desire it. If the Captaine
of the horse be your enemie he knowes not which way
to free you from his power: but, for the liuetenants,
he wee will vndertake it. I must craue leaue to
stile my selfe
Your humblest ser-
Stephen Smithe
London Iune .3.

To my noble friend Sir
Hughe Smithe Knight at

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